Pricing 2022

We set the registration prices every year. This year it is possible to register at reduced pricing. For this see our subscription plans.
You'll only 
have to pay once for registering an ISAN. Once registered no more payment is required to use the number indefinately.

Register single works:
6 euro / ISAN  (get this price while on a subscription plan - onetime payment for the number)
20 euro / ISAN (normal price)

Register series/episodes
You have to request an ISAN for every episode of a series/season.
Pricing is:
6 euro / ISAN  (get this price while on a subscription plan - onetime payment for the number)
11 euro / ISAN (normal price)

Bulkregistration pricing
1000 ISANs/bulk = 4 euro/ISAN
5000 ISANs/bulk = 3 euro/ISAN
Bulkpricing is only possible for works of the same producer/distributor and bulk ISANs are to be used in one calendar year.

Access to full ISAN database (Searching)
With a FULL subscription plan, you can get access to the full search capabilities in the web template. (Otherwise you get reduced info)

Matching service
Supply a list of productions and match those with the ISAN database for existing ISAN numbers:
150 euro / Matching for 500 titles/episodes
250 euro / Matching for 1000 titles/episodes

Subscription plans
BASIC:  55 euro / year  (reduced registration pricing)
FULL: 195 euro / year  (reduced registration pricing, access to full search in ISAN database)
*plans valid in one calendar year

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