Pricing 2021

We set the registration prices every year. This year it is possible to register at reduced pricing. For this see our subscription plans.

Register single works:
6 euro / ISAN  (with a subscription plan)
15 euro / ISAN (normal price)

Register series/episodes
You have to request an ISAN for every episode of a series/season.
Pricing is:
6 euro / ISAN  (with a subscription plan)
9 euro / ISAN (normal price)

Bulkregistration pricing
1000 ISANs/bulk = 4 euro/ISAN
5000 ISANs/bulk = 3 euro/ISAN
Bulkpricing is only possible for works of the same producer/distributor and bulk ISANs are to be used in one calendar year.

Access to full ISAN database (Searching)
With a FULL and EXTRA subscription plan, you can get access to the full search capabilities in the web template. (Otherwise you get reduced info)

Matching service
Supply a list of productions and match those with the ISAN database for existing ISAN numbers:
145 euro / Matching for 500 titles/episodes
245 euro / Matching for 1000 titles/episodes

Subscription plans
BASIC:  30 euro / year  (reduced registration pricing)
FULL: 95 euro / year  (reduced registration pricing, access to full search in ISAN database)
EXTRA: 155 euro / year  (reduced registration pricing, access to full search in ISAN database, yearly matching of max 500 titles)
*valid for one calendar year

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